Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not have to hand wash a pair of boxers and a pair of work socks for Kyle. Because we definately do know how to use our weird washer at the apartment. And we definately don't use mom and dad's washer to wash all of his clothes. We didn't have too much fun this weekend to remember to do laundry.

Kyle was not passed out cold by 10:30. I did not spend all day sick at school just wanting to spend time with him to only get an hour of seeing him awake. I am not ready for school to be over.

I did not just realize I forgot to bring his dirty laundry home tonight. I do not suck.

I did not just finish Emma by listening to it on cassett tape in my car. I read the whole book. I did not feel a twinge of anticipation every time I got in my car, wondering what would happen next.

I did not go an ENTIRE 2 weeks without the radio. I am not impressed. When the tape was over, I did not continue-and still don't continue-to get in my car thinking of how excited I am to listen to my story, only to find that I already finished it.

I did not LOVE the reader's voice. I did not think to myself, "she sounds young, and pretty. I bet her friends are jealous of her awsome job. I bet she lives in London and is super cool."

I did not pack all of this in Kyle's lunch.
~PeanutButter and Honey sandwich
~Turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich
~Baby carrots and celery with ranch dressing
~Fruit roll up
~Three whole wheat easter egg M&M cookies-fresh from the oven
~Pudding cup
~Whole Wheat Cheeze-its
~Peanut-butter crackers
~Lemon Bar
~Bottle of lime-aid
~Bottle of water
I am not worried that he'll still be hungry. Because he won't be.
I do not feel guilty for loving Rhianna's new song-Rude Boy.
Even my friends at school were not like, "that song is bad, I miss when she was innocent."
I was not quietly humming it to myself. It is not a horrible song that does not get my toe tapping.
I did not have a group project meeting that began with us laughing at how the professor wears cat sweaters followed by EVERY SINGLE person NOT taking out their phones and passing around pictures of their cats and not telling cute stories about our cats.
Last night at dinner I did not say to Kyle, "If you want to order salmon, you need to say it right. Don't pronounce the L." To which he did not reply snidely--"I have always pronounced it SALLLmon."

Cute Baby Kyle--just thought I'd share cuz his stepmom gave me a TON of pictures of him.

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The Kopers said...

cute post. i hate that song. i change it every time it comes on - i don't want the kids hearing it.