Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it

So today I finally did it. I ordered my cake. I don't know why I was putting it off so much. I guess I just felt that the fact that the publix I am ordering from didn't answer their phone was a sign from God. Then today when I was like, "ok, do it!" it said their number was disconnected. So I went to my local Publix and got the exact price/size of what I wanted and found out that the publix was re-built (since the last time I was there?!) and for some reason they were like, "new look, new number." So I got the number and drove out there and picked it out. I am going to bring them ribbon to put around the bottom of the cake and it will be delivered a half hour before the reception starts because nobody wants them delivering when everyone is there in their way and whatnot. So here is the picture I chose from, but mine will not be fondant. (because it is 50% more expensive) It will be white with a little bride and groom on top with black ribbon around each tier's base.

I also bought a cheap garder today to throw. It's blue. I bought a bikini to wear on my honeymoon and not until then. I bought a giant frame to put a giant picture of Kyle and I on the eisle in the entrance of the hall. So today was productive.

Then I went to work and found out someone had given me the wrong schedule and I was supposed to work 12-4 not 5-11. So to make up for that mistake, I was forced to work drivethru until 1030. People are so rude. So rude. I do not have the strength to do it. I cried when I got home just because I had to let out all of the pent up "Gahhhh! I am not the stupid one! Why do you hate me?!" that I had built up. School tomorrow. Then next week is the last before finals!


The Kopers said...

The cake is beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person and eat it!
I hope the rest of your week goes well. Hang in there! Next month will be AWESOME!

The Kopers said...

sorry work sucked.
the cake is going to look beautiful with the black ribbon. i LOVE square cakes. they just look so pretty.
i was somewhat productive today, too. i bought a beautiful black, silk, bow-flower thingy (you'll see it and know what I mean) for G. to wear in her hair for the wedding, as well as black satin to put around the waist of her white dress. i will attach it when i remember to buy black thread and then i'll send pictures. love you!

(sorry so long)