Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the top ten things that Kyle and I talk about A LOT.

10. Math. Kyle's math class is hard for him, but he's getting a B, so I don't see the big need to talk about what grade he'll get if he gets a 16% on his final. We.Spend.Hours.
9. Food. We are only at the apartment Monday-Thursday, then we stay at mom and dad's Friday-Sunday. So food is really difficult to keep around (not spoil) at the condo. We are constantly like, "hurry up and eat that pudding, it's almost the weekend!"
8. Working out. Kyle really wants to get buff again, but has no time to work out. He's lost about 15 pounds since we met because he used to be on a high-calorie diet but we can't afford it anymore. Plus he has a job now and doesn't have time to eat and pump iron 24/7. So we always have this convo-"If you didn't know me, how would you rate my arm size?" "If I didn't know you, I wouldn't care." "Cara Joy, this is serious." ugh.
7. Wedding stuff. I just would rather keep it all in my head than talk about it. Too stressful.
6. Tank Tank Tank. Tank is a new guy at Kyle's work. And he's big, black and sassy. I won't say I hear about him too much, but Kyle really thinks he is hilarious so I always get a good Tank story in the evenings. "Tank was really jealous of that sandwich you made me with the bacon. His girlfriend likes bacon. Did you know you can buy bacon with foodstamps?"
5. Bikes. This really happened-Kyle saw a boy on a nice pink beach cruiser. So he yelled out his window, "Hey, I'll give you $100 for that bike!" The kid responds, "But how will I get home?" Kyle says, "Oh, I'll drive you home, man!" Kid says, "I can't ride with strangers." Kyle realizes the kid is probably younger than he looks and drives away feeling like a creep.
4. Jewelry. Kyle insists that we need to send in my ring to have it attached to the wedding bands and re-dipped. But I don't wanna be without it for so long. We also bought his ring on Sunday. It took about 30 seconds.

It's tungsten. Never scratches (that is a weird word to spell) or bends and if your finger swells up, they have to freeze it a shatter it with a hammer to get it off. Very hard core. Weighs a lot too. I don't prefer the black, but it's his ring.
3. Married life. The other day I told kyle to put on his wedding ring and pretend to be married so I could see what it would look like. So he put on an impromptu skit grabbing a glass off my dresser. "Yeah, my wife's gonna kill me if I keep doing these guys night out at the bars. Especially when she finds out it's a titty bar. Yeah, I gotta get my son to football practice. And my pain in the neck daughter spends all my money." I was like, "Never do that again."
3. Addresses. I lost all of the addresses I got when I sent out my save the dates. So now I am starting all over. It made Kyle very mad to have to call everyone again. hehehe
2. Fishing. Enough said.
1. Babies. The other day I ordered Kyle a credit card on my account so he can pay bills online and I don't have to do it all. I gave him clues to guess what it was. This is what he came up with after putting all the clues together. "Ok, it's valuable, but free. And someone could try and take it from me...A baby!" "Kyle, You forgot the clue about it coming in 4-6 business days..."


The Kopers said...

Kyle says the cutest, funniest things! I'm excited for him to be my brother in-law. I can't wait to see you all in a month:)

The Kopers said...


Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Funny post! When you mentioned "Tank" stories, I thought of the movie Old School. Wasn't Will Ferrel's nickname Tank? For some reason it popped in my head. Chris looked at that same ring when we were getting married. The tungsten ended up scaring him because he was worried if he was in an accident in his field, if anything happened to his finger, he would end up losing the finger if the swelling got too bad. He got the same exact ring but in Titanium (they brushed the sides and left the middle smooth). I like the black though...I think it looks cool!