Monday, May 3, 2010

We've got hobbies!

Friday night we stayed up until 12 doing homework, then until 2 watching Jungle Book. Will I ever do that again?--stay up late when I know Kyle's an early riser and is going to wake me up at 9 no matter how early we go to bed? Probably. So since we were up so early we went out for bagels and a little trip to the flea market. There we found a used robins-egg blue beach cruiser for $23 being sold by an Asian woman whose pink lace thong came up way higher than her khaki shorts would allow. Kyle talked about it for an hour. We somehow got the bike into Kyle's backseat and spent all day taking parts from a bike we found and replacing, painting, waiting, painting, oiling...and so on. I still need a basket for it, but it's pretty much honeymoon ready. We're gonna buy Kyle one that doesn't need quite so much love. But we're very proud of it. And may I just say, I have yet to hand Kyle a peice of machinery that he doesn't know how to disassemble and reassemble. Have you ever seen the inside of a bicycle? Cool!

Here it is being taken apart already. Very rusty and scratched up. And the spokes were corroded and needed replacing. (i think that's what you call the part that attaches to the pedal).

Being painted. We also painted all of the silver parts with a metallic glittery silver.

Ready to ride! You can see the mountain bike in the back that we used for harvesting parts. The spokes were black and we sanded them and painted them, and the pedals were also from the mountain bike. (which we found in the trash 2 weeks ago). Even since this picture was taken, Kyle has done some more painting and detailing. He even went riding with me yesterday. He rode mom's pink bike with the streamers. He said, "confidence is everything!"

We really do have hobbies now. Fishing and biking. It's great!

This is from a recent night-fishing trip at one in the morning. I caught 3 babies and Kyle caught the big daddy!

And here's kyle sleeping in "our bedroom" soon enough I'll have everything moved in.
Off to take my last final! Finally!


Cara Joy said...

ps-I really do make Kyle's bed with real sheets and a blanket and a quilt. It is totally his choice to use a blanket as a pillow and he says sheets feel weird. I really don't make him sleep like this. Thank you.

The Kopers said...

Cute bike! I'm glad you guys have hobbies!