Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

I love my little apartment. But I just realized...You know your apartment is tiny if...

10. You often sit down on the couch and remember that both remotes are in the kitchen, because that is where you watch most of your tv from.

9. Half way through any movie you watch (because if you could afford a bigger apartment you could probably afford cable and not watch movies all the time), your fiance gets up and brings his bed into the living room to lay on it. Then you do the same, because it is so much more comfy that way.

8. At the end of each evening, you can spray one paper towel with fabuloso and wipe from the top left corner of your kitchen to the bottom right hand corner with that same paper towel, then throw it away and have a perfectly spotless kitchen floor in about 15 seconds.

7. While your fiance is in the shower, you can have perfectly normal converstaions about his day while making his dinner.

6. But if you try to run water in the kitchen while he showers, you will get in big trouble.

5. You laugh at yourself when you catch yourself calling the door, "the front door" as if there were a side door, or a back door or any other door other than the bathroom door.

4. You often get into tiffs with your fiance when he refuses to leave the kitchen because until he does that, you can't open the dishwasher or the oven.

3. You can say, "goodnight, I love you, sleep well" to your fiance from the hallway, and he'll say it back. Because he heard you loud and clear.

2. Once, the first and only time you had someone over for dinner, you let her have her own chair at the table, and you ate dinner in your fiance's lap.

1. All of the pictures from your old bedroom fill up all but 2 walls.

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The Kopers said...

Love it! I remember laying in bed one night, having a coversation with Steve while he sat on the couch in one of our smalles apartments. We were talking about how one day, we'd live in a place SO big, we wouldn't be able to do that anymore.