Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me Monday

I love it when Kyle says I have sick breath. Sick breath makes me feel sexy.

I am not looking forward to my wedding shower next saturday, and I am not scared that no one will show up.

I did not just finish the second season of Army Wives before even leaving my bed this morning.

I did not give my shift away tomorrow because I do not have to try on my wedding dress for the last time. I definatley would have been too busy to go to work, really.

I am not at all excited to the point of no sleep that my family will be here in a week and 2 days. That does not sound too far away and close all at the same time.

I certainly do not need to get all the junk out of my room this week.

The tux shop did not decide to be closed the entire weekend of the wedding and is not making me feel guilty for them having to come in and give my out-of-towners their tuxes the Saturday before the wedding.

Kyle and I did not watch the first 45 minutes of Avatar in black and white this weekend before we guessed that there was something wrong with the tv, because isn't Avatar supposed to be the most visually stimulating movie of our time? Nah, black and white seemed totally normal.

Last night, I did not cry in the cat adoption center of PetCo. I do not think that our landlord can suck it if he thinks we're not gonna get a cat after he gave us an apartment that is a giant debt-hole.

Kyle did not promise to get me a kitty after the honeymoon. I do not think that is too far away.

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Sarah said...

I will be at your shower I just happen to not have training that ONE day for my new job!!! how lucky!!! Cant wait to see you!