Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wedding Hair Cut from Down Under

Last night I gave Kyle his final haircut before the wedding just long enough in advance for it to grow out a little before the big day. Before we began I took extra care cleaning up the kitchen after our first dinner with all of my new kitchen stuff--to gain my composure. On a side note, chicken fried steak, mashed taters and zuchini were on the menu. Note the glass. Yep, 8 of em. With grandma cc, re-gifts are never a negative.

Anywho, before we began, Kyle said. "You mess up on this...and..." I like to think he paused there because he couldn't think of a big enough threat. To which I replied, "No pressure, though. Right?" And despite the fact that half-way through the trim I managed to get more of his ear than hair in my scissors, he admitted that it was the best haircut I'd ever given. Then, as usual, he styled it. But this time he asked me to take a picture.

And I thought, awww he wants to save a photo of his wedding haircut for posterity. But then he turned to the left, right and even made me take a picture of the back of his head. Necessary? I think not.

Then he studied them. And still decided that it was the best haircut ever. And he WAS NOT just saying that because he yelled so loud when I nearly clipped his ear off that I started crying. Definately NOT. hahahahha

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The Kopers said...

Good job on the haircut! I wish I could cut Jr's hair like that!