Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was Sunday--the morning after our first night in our apartment, mom and dad's first day back from Guatemala, and the first time that we would have family over to visit our new home. Mom, Dad and the grandparents brought lunch over after church and Kyle and I presented a honeymoon slide show. Our new kitten, Stoney was dressed to the nines in his new neck

tie and showed off his hunting skills for 4 hours straight while we ate and caught up on the happenings of Guatemala, Grandma's health and the Thorntons being Thorntons. After they left I had one and one-half hour to prepare a meal for Kyle's Dad and step-mom who were coming over for dinner. Stoney crashed on the bed the ENTIRE time they were here, laying on his back, feet in the air while I made Holly's oven-fried chicken, Aunt Karen's mashed potato bake, asparagus and her brownie trifle for dessert. I just love the cookbook she got me. Let's just start with the fact that kitchen was a wreck. Their arrival was posted for 6 pm. At 430 I read directions to my planned meal. The chicken said, marinate in buttermilk for SEVERAL HOURS. HMMM, and hour should do. The trifle said: refridgerate for 8 hours, then serve. HMMMM, I could try to lengthen dinner conversation. But everything went great. I used all of my new serving dishes from B, B and B, the chicken was crispy and delicious and everyone had thirds of the mashed potato bake. Then we played a fun game that his parents brought, I served the trifle, which is huge because I served it in my new punch bowl--but Mary calmed my worries by saying "Don't worry, you've got two fat people here to help you eat it." Plus I packed a bunch in Kyle's lunch for today. Now now today I am off to work out then hit the Social Secutiy office for a little name changing action. I am afraid to make any other plans after that because mom said it will take all day. So I am grabbing a book and debating on taking Stoney with me. He loves car rides, and the bank drive thru. 6t5----And that is what happens when kittens crawl on laptops while I'm on the phone. I also see that he labled this post "qq0oooooooooo."


The Kopers said...

I love your new kitten! He looks dashing in his tie. I was hoping to see pics of your delicious meal you made, since you usually post pics of food. I was disappointed. But, I'm glad your meal turned out great and the company was nice:)
Please post pics of your new home, especially the bathroom. I never got to see it while we were there:(
Love you!

The Kopers said...

Stoney is so cute! Glad your entertaining went well - and I agree with Holl, post pictures of the apartment with all your wedding gifts moved in and it all decorated!