Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shallow thoughts

A blog is a great place to get out your deepest thoughts and get feedback. It's also a good place to share those surface-floating thoughts that you can't help but get out because you want to know if anyone else has ever thought the same thing.

Have you ever wondered what your cashier is typing away on her keyboard for when all you bought was a little something not worth much? You never wanted to lean over the counter and crane your neck to see why the heck it takes so much finger action to ring something up?

I went to Things Remembered yesterday to order an engraving on a necklace to thank Dominique, my made of honor for everything. She bought us dinner gift cards, zoo passes with special treats like Giraffe encounters and kayak adventures included (which we're using tomorrow) and she even bought us gift cards to Disney World! So I wrote down what I want the engraving to say, then I went to cash out at the register.

And have you ever seen that episode of the Simpsons where Bart calls Australia or somewhere and he is dialing the same number for about 3 minutes and eventually you can't help but laugh, like, "Are you kidding?" I wish someone had been with me to laugh.

The cashier just kept hitting the down arrow then enter. Down, enter enter enter, down down down down down, enter enter, backspace, down down down down. For like 5 minutes.

So then today I went to CVS and was astounded after all I bought were some digital prints and I was handed this reciept.

Okay, I admit. I also bought some silly bands. If you don't know what silly bands are, they seem to be a craze sweeping tweens and restuarant workers. Everyone at my work shares them and I had none! So I found these knock-off brands called Shaped Rubber Bands, but they're cowboy shaped so how could I resist?

Didn't mean to start by posing a question and end with silly bands but, I admitted this was a not-so-thought-provoking post.


The Kopers said...

I know that Simpson's episode! I laughed just thinking about it:)

The Kopers said...

Me, too. I know the episode. I laughed as well. So funny. I also am often concerned about the amount of paper wasted by the 43 inch reciept I am handed after buying 3 items. There is no folding it and putting it in your purse. You have to wrap it 14 times around your hand into a roll. It's silliness.