Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Night We Were Babysitters

Every time I tried to upload pictures from Christmas onto Facebook, the uploader would take hours then freeze up and quit. But now it's the last night of Spring Break 2011 and probably the last quiet moment I'll have for a while and I'm putting them up. But here are a few from the night we babysat while the Koper sisters went on a double-date.

Nolan spend the entire time watching our movie and bowling in the hallway, also he almost fell asleep in Grammy's arms. I guess all those pictures are on mom's camera. But here are the ones that we got.

Here's Jack eating what was supposed to be Nolan's dinner, but we tried with little avail to get Nolan to eat lots of things in his food group. But Jack was willing to help!

Here I found Gabby and Jack laying down with uncle Kyle. Before they saw the camera, they were both sucking their thumbs and Kyle was chatting with them.

Here we are trying to take piggy-back pictures, but uncle Kyle isn't at his best.

This one turned out nicely.

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The Kopers said...

Awwww. These pictures made me miss you guys even more. I love seeing you guys with my kids.