Sunday, September 27, 2009

You know it's a good weekend when...

Like all good things, this weekend has come to an end. In ten minutes it will be Monday. I will check my school e-mail account, check my grades for the classes I don't like and study for a test I would just as soon not take, if given the choice.

However, looking back, I knew this moment would come. Like today, when Kyle tried to talk to me about school and some test or whatever...I said, "shhh, it's still the weekend for 9 more hours." I win.

Friday did not count as a weekend. I had from the time I wok up until midnight to write a 4.5 page essay on how native americans were affected by colonization and how europeans were affected as well....wake up, I promise not to mention school work anymore. I finished it by ten, not before taking a two hour break to make dinner (pizza rolls and mozarella sticks) for Kyle and I and played with my cabbage patch dolls.

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands for mother...namley mailing an ungodly surplus of packages to Abilene, TX. I looked like some cartoon character at christmas time. Five boxes stacked, teatering as I made my way into the post office. Post offce workers, I have gathered, are the rudest more begrudging people. eck.Took a nap and when Kyle tried to wake me up I rolled over and elbowed him in the eye. He then took a picture which makes it look terribly awful and wayyy worse than it acutally was. It is fine today.

I then spent the day with Kyle until I had to work at 6. He took my car home and detailed it (inside and out!) then returned it to me saying, "sorry if the headlights are still a little foggy, I'll fix them tomorrow." Pah, what a sweet!

Good money at work, however I could not sleep due to lack of company in spacious/creeky house. I was up until four and awoken at 8:30 by hungry lab. I was not perturbed, however. I went back to sleep and woke up for church with Kyle then a long day of beach, The Office Season 1 and Taken. (the very first and only movie that Kyle and I have every fully watched outside of movie theaters.) Grossly dissapointed in the ending. How Kim was all, "thanks for saving me from human trafficing, dad, I'll call ya later! Oh, hey mom, sweet one-shoulder sweater-blouse! Isn't the same one you were wearing the day you sent me off to my drug-indused doom?"

You know it's a good weekend cry when it's over.


The Kopers said...

oh my gosh. when steve and i were dating, he used to drop me off at my table-waiting job and take my car home and detail it inside and out, too! how crazy is that? and don't worry - the next weekend is only 5 days away!

The Kopers said...

take pics of our cabbage patch dolls!