Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend wrap-up-Warning, unless your last name used to be Marsh, you may find this oddly boring and strangely touching. Sisters, read on.

Friday was the morning from down under (not the one with kangaroos and dingo babies). 4:30 am...wake up having a nightmare about the paper I have due monday. In my dream, no one will listen to me when I say I have a stomach ache and they all just keep yelling about how we're all going to fail this paper. When I wake up everything's real except the people. I AM freaking out about the paper and my stomach is KILLING me. I lay in bed, go to the bathroom then decide to lay on the bathroom floor moaning with a heating pad on. After an hour and a half I crawl into mom's room (my word she's a deep sleeper!) I cry and cry and she gives me pills that make me feel better by 7:30. I watch 20 minutes of a disney movie then go back to sleep til noon. Then the fun happens. I notice blood where it shouldn't be. I am calm and go to where I am made less calm when it tells me to put down the darn computer and get to the hospital. I wait until 8pm when mom and dad are at a football game with friends and I see MORE blood. I leave it there so mom can look and call her crying. She and dad race home and find me in a ball on my floor. (I had been looking for my wallet under my bed and couldnt get up). Mom checks the blood and says "omygoshomygoshomygosh" amidst my cries and dad's silent preparations. With backpacks in tow we drove to the hostpital. I couldn't believe how alone I felt without Kyle. He was in Orlando spending the weekend with his dad. He called when we were on the way and I told him and he came straight over. By the time he got to the hospital I had a bed in the ER and was about to be checked. The pain was AWFUL. I have never felt this way. I cried when anyone touched me. Mom, Dad and Kyle took turns because only two people were allowed in the room with me at a time. Kyle was always there and it was just mom and dad switching. By 1am I had a catscan and an IV and some pretty good drugs. I was very talkative and boisterous. Dad seemed very confused and Kyle and mom just laughed at me. I distinctly remember playing with Kyle's nose, but that's all the detail.

Saturday: We'll switch days now even Friday is not technically over. By 5am, mom and dad went home and Kyle and I were shown up to the room. (actually i dont remember going to the room). We slept about 2 hours each and watched movies and napped all day. His grandma came to visit bringing me books. Mom brought me like, 10 magazines and a glowing pumpkin to decorate my room. It was so nice having sweet Kyle at arms' length all the time. For 72 straight hours he was telling me I was beautiful and kissing my super pale cheeks and bought me flowers. When he walked in with the flowers I thought he was just going down to the car. The instant he walked in with a big smile on his face proudly holding out the flowers I said, "I need to puke!" And to that he said, "aww, poor baby...look what I..." I interrupted, "GIVE ME THAT TRASH CAN!" I promise I thanked him later :)

Sunday: Sunday was better. Kyle and I went to be around 11 and slept straight until 6 with no interruptions. Then we slept between nurses until 930. His grandma and aunt came again and everyone stared at me for a good 15 minutes before (thank God) they left and I was not being gauked at. They said I could go home since there was no more blood but if I wanted, I could stay. Honestly, I should have stayed. I was getting this wonderful pain medicine that knocked me out and made me loopy and here at home it is far more painful. Plus with food in front of me it's harder to maintain my sanity. I cried when mom brought home friend chicken for dad and Kyle. Cried. That's the actual correct spelling for pathetic.

I learned a lot about love this weekend. Mom and Dad were so worried I could FEEL it. Kyle never grimmaced when doctors were talking about stuff I would have rather NEVER told him. But love is more than butterflies and expensive dates. He held back my piggy tales when I was puking up potassium and brushed my hair after I washed it out. He let me take this picture of him with these glasses I found at work and had in my purse. When we got home he told me I smelled like hospital and let me sneak a mike&ike candy when mom wasn't looking, as long as I promised to just enjoy the flavor and promptly spit it out, which I did. Tomorrow, more drugs, doctors and...disney movies when I get home? yes. Sorry this is so freakishly long. The phone is not my friend this weekend. So I will tell you now.


The Kopers said...

oh, cara. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. i hope you're feeling better today. i am so glad that mom and dad and kyle were there with you. he's a keeper, cara! i feel like the kids should start practicing their "aunt cara and uncle kyle"s. love you and give me a call whenever you're feeling up to it.

The Kopers said...

Reading that made me feel sick to my stomach with worry. I'm so glad you're feeling better, and I'm still praying for you, Boo!