Monday, October 19, 2009

No Reason

I finally got frames for my pictures of Nolan...that would be his 3mo pictures...thank God, now that he's more than doubled that age. Anyway, I have my neice/nephew shelf all set up with my fave pictures of the kids. Thought I'd post a picture...

Then on a completely differnt note, I got all my cabbage patch dolls out after mom had me mail Gabby's birthday CP doll. It was so funny remembering the Christmas or Birthday that I got them and how I played with them. They all pretty much still had all the right clothes too!

Also on the random front, shockingly I found these "pony and puppy surprise" toys that Holly and I got for christmas in England. I can't believe all the puppies/horsies are still there! (The one horsie is missing due to Beau chewing it up as a puppy. But I am beyond proud of my child self for not losing the other two).


The Kopers said...

I love seeing our childhood toys. Thanks for posting some pics!

The Kopers said...

I mentally said "awwwww" at all three of these pictures. I'm glad you showed them :)