Friday, October 9, 2009

Strange Friday

Yester day I skipped school. My first class is pretty skip-able, my second class was not in session because we have an online test and my third class I was going to have to miss anyway due to a Dr. appointment. Sooo I spend to morning wih Kyle because he finished his 8AM test in 6 minutes then high-tailed it over here for 4 hours of chillin before his next class. Then he came over after his other class to say goodbye. He drove 3 hours north to Savannah to get his wisdom teeth taken out by his Step-mom's dad. He owns his own practice and does his family's teeth for free if they're willing to drive up.

Kyle was very proud of his SEVERLY impacted wisdom teeth. He said, "My dentist said I have the deepest roots he's seen in 30 years!" I was very worried because this step-grandpa is not an oral surgeon which means there would be no anestesia...just morphine and novacain. Plus I have only gone two days without seeing Kyle since...forever so today is strange to say the least. He doesn't get any service up in the middle of nowhere so all I get are random texts including a gruesome picture of his swelled up face and "My jaw hurts. That last one didn't come out easy." yuck! So hopefully he'll come home tomorrow.

Tonight we're doing mom's birthday at Grandma's. They are making me a special dish since I can't have most of the stuff mom wants. (Goolash and Pumpkin Pie) I can't have any seedy veggies or anything raw including fruit and veggies. (especially tomatoes) so I will probably have...bread. I have lost almost ten pounds from this jello/sprite/bread diet. I should patent it. (JK the liquid diet was the pits!)

I have an online test as I mentioned...and you would think since it's online I can use the book and ace it, riiiiight? Wrong. I took the first section of it last night after about 3 hours of studying and BOMBED it. It was timed, 35 minutes for 22 questions and I blew it. American history before WWII is so boring to me. I don't care about...Cabeza De La Casas and Pocahontas' affair with John Rolfe (My teacher curses disney whenever we talk about her).

PS-last night I had a wedding dream. (thanks to the office and the magazine mom bought me when I was in the hospital which i looked at until i fell asleep) It was in our church in Japan and I was sitting in the side aisle crying because dad wouldn't play the song I wanted to walk down the aisle to. I called him a meany when he said "in ten years this won't matter!" I guess that's true...that's what I was thinking when Pam's veil ripped. oooh and I loved the dancing wedding. so fun!

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The Kopers said...

I hope your day without Kyle went quickly. It sucks being apart. I know. And I'm sorry to hear about your crappy diet and weight loss - weight loss is usually a good thing, but not when it's in such a crappy way. Hope school's going well. Love ya!