Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Aint he cute...he was so excited. I took this picture to get a shot of the perfectly plump pumkin.

Glowing Pumpkin watches real pumpkin get carved...fears for his life.

Glowing Pumpkin tries to take his own life (This story going down while Kyle works tirelessly...)

Just kidding, he just poses for the pictures after we intervene on Glowing Pumpkin's near tragedy.

The eyes are in place...

Finished Product! (Kyle named him Jack and I didn't protest though the name is clearly already taken.)

Kyle walked in this morning and said nonchalantly, "How's Jack?" And I said (after a moment of thought) "He's fine." Then we went about our business.

We took the light out of Glowing Pumpkin and put it in Real Pumpkin, and Kyle tried to take a bite out of the pumpkin top after I cut it out. He's so cute.

Quotes from the night:
While drawing how I might like to design the face..."Well that looks just like a horny toad and you don't want our pumpkin lookin like a horny toad do ya?" -Kyle
"(laughs laughs laughs) "What's a horny toad?" -Cara
"You know what a horny toad is. It's a toad with horns that can really getcha! If you're not careful..." -Kyle
"Woman, get your damn hand away from the knife!" -Kyle (I think he may have said this a few times. He only curses when knives are involved.)


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The Kopers said...

Cute! I carved a pumpkin and named it Jack a long time ago. This year, the real Jack is a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween. I'm thinking next year he'll be a Jack-in-the-box, the year after that he'll be a donkey...