Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Posterity

Today I found out that my financial aid has not "posted" yet. I paid $200 and hope the other $1700 will soon be "posted" by my financial aid friends.

Today I found out that I am not actually accepted into UCF because I never handed in my transcripts...gotta get on that.

Today I found out that I am NOT the only one who feels like a failure in News Reporting class. EVERYONE is a failure. PHEW!

Today I had a 2 hour class to attend and somehow spent 6 hours at school. Sick.

Today I had to be at work 20 minutes after I arrived home from Orlando. I hate driving.

Today I looked at a REALLY nice apartment but cannot bring myself to peace about one.
God, bring me a peace.

Today, I just realized, I forgot to get off work when Holly is here. Grrrr.

Today, I have to be out the door to school in 7 hours and I have not begun my readings for tomorrow's possible quiz.

This blog is for posterity. When I say to myself, "What was my first semester at UCF like?"

It was just like this...(lkdfjiojgilnfijsine<3lkfnasgifng<3lksfa)

Sort of like climbing a mountain? It sucks on the way up, then once you reach your potential it's all downhill. And at the bottom, what you've always wanted...and the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I'm on the way up.

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The Kopers said...

Sounds crazy! I can't wait to see you, and I hope you can a get a day or two off from work!