Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day for Pancakes

This morning I awoke from my 11 hours of slumber with a fresh outlook on Mondays. This Monday I start work on my Bachelor's degree. This Monday I start Journalism School. This Monday I start with News Reporting 101. This Monday, I am making pancakes.
My last day of summer was a sunny Sunday. I went out to lunch with two of my best friends, Heather and Dominique. Sushi. Then Heather and I went to see 500 Days of Summer and I invited my new friend Kyle. After the movie Kyle took me on the longest motorcycle ride of my life down a road on the river. Million dollar houses and the torrent river made for the perfect scenery. (Ok the river wasn't torrent but it was definately there). Then we went school supply shopping, he met the whole family (yes, including seth and adam) and he went on his way. Saturday my new roomate Sarah and I went apartment shopping and found a possible winner. We are going to look at one more and hopefully decided this week and move in next month. So much to think about, but today, just class. I am excited and nervous and anxious and hungry.

Good thing I made pancakes.


The Kopers said...

Hope you have a happy Monday! A long motorcycle ride, along the water, watching the scenery fly by, arms around a good looking man....sounds nice. It's been a while since I've been out on the bike. Steve's buying a new one this week with a better back seat - maybe I'll get to ride on it once in a while.

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

"11 hours of slumber"....I hate you! J/K! Enjoy these days! They are so fun and carefree! :o)