Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catch a falling star and put it in you pocket...sing that song all day today. I dare you not to have a better day!

Have you ever written a WHOLE PAGE blog about you day, week, random moments...then felt absolutely nothing when you delete the whole thing without publishing? I just did it. I have done it inumerable times. So I left the desktop and came to my laptop to say what I really meant to say but didn't and ended up deleting.

~I was so nervous about handing in my first assignment to news reporting class that I re-printed it in 3 different fashions changing font and spacing each time. (the assignment was to write one sentence based on a story. the sentence was to make anyone want to read the story. One sentence. So many times.)

~Friday Kyle's grandma taught me how to make Salmon steaks on the grill with butter and lemon. I had asparagus and artichokes and loved them. I had red potatoes and REAL fresh fruit salad in a poppyseed dressing with hot brownie sundaes for dessert. I sang a song for her on an old guitar they had sitting around and she said to Kyle, "Your dad is going to fall in love with her." It was an enchanting evening.

~ I am sad that the weekend is over.

~My best friend, Cybill left for college last week and I miss her so much. We talk EVERY day on the phone, text and facebook. I have talked to her on the phone 3 seperate times today.

~I cannot wait for cold weather.

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The Kopers said...

awww, Kyle's Grandma sounds so sweet