Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're Engaged! November 10th!

That's the ring inside the yellow rose. Favorite :)

I'll write it like a romance novel...but more true.

Kyle held the roses behind his back when Cara asnwered the front door. The sun had just set, leaving the porch dark with only the street lamp illuminating the night sky. She thought about turning on the porch light but decided against it so she could steal a kiss without the neigbors seeing. She couldn't even see his face when he gave her a long kiss saying, "I love you so much."
"Give me whatever it is you have behind your back," Cara said, glancing behind him.
He showed a dozen red long-stemmed Holland roses with one bright yellow rose in the center. She took in the sight, distracted by his tense whisper as he began to kneel saying, "I can't wait any longer." Before she knew it he was on one knee before her grasping at her right hand. As he asked those four precious words and she squeeked out a yes amidst tears, she said, "That's the wrong hand, honey." He fumbled with her left hand then found his way. "I'm so nervous," he laughed. Then he hugged her and she couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. Tears were streaming out of her eyes but a deep laugh escaped her lips as he held her. For the rest of the evening his hand would find its way over to her left ring finger, and he would softly run his thumb over the top of the ring; as if to remind himself that she really was his.

The End (or...The Beginning)


The Kopers said...

What a sweet proposal! And your ring is beautiful! I'm glad you got the one you've always wanted:)

The Kopers said...

awwwwwww. very cute recap. love you!

Shaunna said...


PS-Your ring is WOW!!

Ali said...

Congratulations Cara! That ring is sweeeeet! So happy for you!

Ali said...

So just for the record that last comment is your cousin Alicia. I forgot it comes up Ali :-)