Monday, November 23, 2009

My sisters never blog anymore.

My new post section is like a ghost town :(

I have a Turkey and Swiss sandwhich that I can't eat because im at the library and it would be weird to eat a sandwhich at the computer. I'm starving.

Got my school financial issues sorted out today, just waiting to sign up for classes.

I cried after skype-ing with the Koper Clan last night because I wish I lived nearby.

I'm going to eat my sandwhich in private.

One more day of school this week then one more holiday until Christmas. Cannot wait for Christmas vacation.


The Kopers said...

first off, sorry about the lack of blogging. i'll get on that. maybe.
secondly, i hope you enjoyey your sandwhich. thirdly, it was so good to see you on skype, too. you'll be here to visit soon and i'm sure we'll be able to get together more in a few years, when school is done and everyone is settled in the same part of the country (hint, hint -move to texas after school!) and lastly, we love you!

The Kopers said...

enjoyeD, not enjoyey.

Cara Joy said...

Haha, I never notice your ty-pos until you correct them, Leah. I'm always confused by the correction like, "What is the meaning of this second comment?"

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