Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reception Hall

It's funky. It's got a gold, reflective ceiling, which I assume is for lighting quality at night and big air vents that snake around. Despite its quirks, I like the large, central dancefloor, the lower level for gifts, the bar and more space for gifts and the possibility for improvements all around. I saw at least 384749 places I could string twinkle lights plus I was lucky enough to walk in on a weddin planner decorating chairs, which I loved. So here are some pictures.
The first one is of the dancefloor on the upper level. DJ table in the center.

The next one the chairs decorated for that night's reception. I like the idea of black with white sashes.

This one is on the lower level when you first walk in. To the left behind me is the bar and next to the stairs is the gift table, then to the left will be the guest book and whatnot. Love? Not yet. Excited for potential because I know I have a few crafty sisters and 3 bridesmaids to help out? Absolutely!

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