Friday, November 13, 2009

If you're feeling like a pimp

I wrote a pretty cute mini-blog post about our dinner with Kyle's Dad and Step-mother. But I decided to delete it in the spirit of Christmas...and the fact that it was overloaded with sarcasm.

Last night we were talking about when we were younger and used to go out to the clubs and Kyle said, "I always hoped there were no 'uncle stans' around when we were trying to dance."

So, I said, "Who's uncle stan?"

And he was like, "that's what we call creepy guys, like, 'look at that uncle stan over there!'"

So I said, "well you're not aloud to call them that anymore." Hahaha "...for family reasons."

PS: Favorite comment received on facebook in regards to our engagement..." long have you guys been together :\"
OH, haters, you are everywhere. I'm fine with it because we knew it would happen. People think we're too young and silly. But we just know, and I have a shiny ring to ease the pain :)

I dare you to understand the words to this song Here about being blind to haters. It's bad-a** with a touch of reggae and soul..but my favorite...

HERE'S another...because last night mom ACTUALLY told me to get the dirt off my shoulder after I was pissed about...well, haters.

My favorit from this video is the girl with the lambo whose all, "Don't hit on me. I drive a $500,000 car. Take that, wanna be."


The Kopers said...

haha. Mom's quoting Jay-Z. Awesome. And yes, haters will always be there - juding you for getting married young, for not dating long, for having kids young, for having more than two kids....for everything. Who cares. You just have to live your life and ignore them all.

The Kopers said...

I was married at 19! I got so many rude comments from complete strangers about how I had my whole life ahead of me, and why did I get married so young...I let it hurt me in the beginning, but got over it when I realized that we were happy, and that's all that matters!