Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top-Ten Tuesday!

I love to do a top-ten tuesday. It makes even the worst ten things about my day seem better if not cohesive.

Today is a top-ten tuesdasy about sayings. These are sayings that Kyle says, most of them being sliiiightly different than what I am used to hearing. And they make me laugh every day so I am sharing them for you.

10. Healthy as an ox. (This one is from a previous blog, but it is most popularly known as "Healthy as a Horse.")
9. It's hotter than a jalepeno's coochie! (This one...I can't correct except to say that it's probably made up...)
8. It was harder than a diamond in an ice storm. (This one isn't wrong. Frankly, I've never even heard of it...but it makes me laugh every time.)
7. I don't want to put all my chickens in one basket. (Obviously the correct phrase is "eggs is one basket" but Kyle was just getting ahead of himself.)
6. He was dumber than a doorknob. (Dumber than a doornail.)
5. I'm just jackin' with you. (Just joshin' with you.)
4. The words are at the end of my tongue! (Tip of my tongue.)
3. Is your Daddy a glass maker?...get outta the way! (I remember this one as a kid. Leah would say to me when I stood in front of the tv, "Cara, you make a better door than a window...)
2. You're as loud as a bull in a China-man's closet! (Not even sure if I've heard anything like this one...ever.
1. Just a teaspoon a day will keep the...will keep you healthy! (Hahahaha, this one is the cutest.)


The Kopers said...

mom used to say you were like a bull in a china shop - like you were clumbsy and messy....not too sure about being as loud as one in a china-man's closet, though. He for sure has some interesting sayings!

The Kopers said...

haha, those were good!