Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mechanic

Latley my car is at that stage. I got it in May and it has been a perfect angel ever since. That is, up until a couple Saturdays ago.

I came out to my car to get some lipgloss or whatnot while on a 6-2 shift at work. (that's 2am, mind you) Coming upon my car, I noticed my right front tire was flat. So flat. So I called Kyle (waking him up, because by this point it was past midnight) and he came within 10 minutes with his compressor (or whatever it's called). He pumped up my tire and showed me how to measure the air pressure and to know what the number should read, then he said he would leave the compressor in case I had to blow it up again before I left. (To which I said, "I'll just ask some guy who works here to do it for me." To which he said, "You never ask another man to do something YOUR man can do. You call me before you leave.") So by 1:30 my tire was flat again and he bought a can of FIX-A-FLAT (workswonders) and pumped it up again and drove it to my house, with me following in his PT cruiser. He stayed the night since it was 2:30 by the time we got home and changed my tire the next morning.

I use wayy too much wiper fluid so he has had to fill my fluid-holder-thingy twice since then.

The week after the tire incident my oil light blinked a couple times then stopped, so I ignored it. Then it did again a week later. So last night at 9oclock I asked Kyle to check my oil thinking he would get to it this weekend. No. At 9:30 we were driving to Wal-mart because I needed a complete oil change. My oil was so low that it wasn't even touch the end of the dipstick. ugh. Not to mention that by 11:30 he had finished the oil change and cleaned everything up before realizing that he forgot to replace a washer that had fallen into the oil bucket. So he had to start over. Jack up the car, empty the oil, replace the screw. Jack DOWN the car, replace the oil, clean the driveway.(But I won't mention that). Then he apologized for messing up.

After reminding him that he didn't have to change my oil in the first place so he had no reason to apologize, we had a wopping 15 minutes to relax before we were too tired to entertain ourselves and he went home. I am so thankful for Kyle and his interest in cars.

If I could have recorded the things he was saying while changing the oil it would have sounded something like this..."Cool!" "Wow, did you know your car did this?" "I love these fuel filters!" (genuinely, he enjoys stuff like this.)

Additionally, go HERE to see our official wedding website. Updates to come...

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