Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Saturday was a big day, starting at the wee hours trying to save a cat's life, getting a car, ending at 5am leaving work for the night. I felt sick all night at work. My throat started hurting at the car dealership after I ate a twix bar. I thought it hurt because I was too hungy to chew the thing, but the soarness persisted through my 8pm-4am shift at work and I slept til 2pm the next day and declared myself officially ill. Monday morning I went to the doctors and got the Z-pak and couched, movied, and booked all day. (I like using nouns as verbs when I'm sick) I am reading a really interesting book right now that is being made into a movie releasing in June. By Jodi Picoult. (There's the name of the author for you because I was so engaged by the movie trailer when Mom and I went to see a movie on Mother's day, that I sat through the whole movie reminding myself of the authors name so I would remember how to spell it. I told myself "Jodi Pickled" spelled "Picoult" haha, weird memory games) It is called my sister's keeper and rather than explain the premise...HERE is the trailer for it. I wish I could inhale it all in one sitting. Being sick has helped though! I cannot wait to see it. It is the kind of movie that I will go see by myself because I could care less if anyone wants to see it with me or not.

I just made the appointment for Nolan's first pictures. I am so glad I get to be there for it! I pray that he is his smiley self that we all love to see in his pictures and even if he is not, his serious face is seriously adorable anyway!

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Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Another good Jodi Picoult book = "Plain Truth" about a lawyer who defends an Amish girl charged with murdering her infant baby... very good!