Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This week...

Monday I finished my documentary I was doing on a little-known youth minister. Tuesday He and I and Rochelle and Jan (children's leader and church secretary) went out to lunch. I was fun and I laughed a lot and got free food! Then I got a phone call from my best guy friend "just to check up on me".

I hate that.

It is as if he needs to call me to prove that we're still friends. I understand he has a girlfriend and my existence no longer thrills him as it once did, but I don't need pity phone calls either. He just calls to say, "how was your weekend sweetie?" Yawn.

I'm in a bad mood.

(Sidenote): in Jersey, Holly and Jr said that I should stop hanging out with Jake and Blake because a certain youth minister would think I was dating one (or both?) of them. I didn't really care because I don't see things going anywhere with him but I was curious as to if he DID notice that I would sit with the boys about every other week at church. So at lunch, Youth minister says when Rochelle brings up Blake..."Is that the guy you're always with?"


I was like...(feebly) "yeah.....he's in love with a girl. not me. a girl." (deep inhale...huh)

Today is wedensday and my last day as a college sophmore. It is also the day I recieved a $2000 scholorship that I did not even apply for.

"It's sort of like when I go to the video store and cant decided. Should I rent The Devil Wears Prada again, or should I finally see Sophie's Choice. It's one of those decisions." (Michael Scott-Casual Friday episode) I just watched it online. Hilarious, Meredith's blurry privates. Kevin's chili! Bahahahaha!

Today I also went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with my friend Randy. He is leaving for Air Force boot camp on Sunday and I will really miss him.

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