Monday, December 15, 2008


Tomorrow is my final final. The finale. It is the most dreaded one of all, Algebra. I am so overcome with nerves that I am afraid to study. (Hence the blogging). Yesterday I hung out with my best girlfriend who was home from college for Christmas and it was awesome. I bought a pair of extremely brigh DC shoes from the men's section of journies and I think my street cred. went up at least 25%. I am cool. But this post is really about one thing and one thing only. And that is inflatable lawn ornaments. A redneck's answer to prayers. "All I gotta do is plop it in my yard and plug it in? Sweet!" Awful. As I went to pick up Heather from her house yesterday I realized that there was an uninflated inflatable ornament in her yard. I mentioned it but she quickly silenced me after breifly explaining that her mom had bought it at a garage sale and that it was a touchy subject with her. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Here is a replica of the one her mom bought...and the rest are ones I saw on the way home from her house.

This is the creepiest one. It seems wrong when I look at it so I laugh, then I feel wrong for laughing. If only it included an inflatable confessional next to it.


The Kopers said...

I remember being there at Christmas - you seriously live in Christmas-inflata-land. Rednecks spend some money on their lawn balloons, though. I saw them at Home Depot and they were like $250!!! Crazy!

Jr and Holly Koper said...

We have the same problem down here in Hickville, South Jersey. Our friend has 5 of them in his yard. (I am not exaggerating) My favorite ones are the life size Merry-Go-Rounds and the larger than life Santa Clause in his huge butt sled. What drives me nuts is when they're not on and lay flat on the lawn. It's so awful!