Saturday, January 17, 2009


The first week of school is over. In the first we I:
1) Was assigned to make a music video for my film class. My subject will be my friend Blake working out in the gym to the song "Holla back girl" by Gwen Stefani. I have to do a lot of fancy editing to make it look real so this should be interesting.
2) Could not find my way into the building I needed to get into to take my communications 1 class and ended up walking to 4 different entrences all marked with caution tape then finally giving up and asking a construction worker who managed to call me sweety 6 times before he gave me directions then tried to charge me $5 dollars for his services...I told him that my shoes getting dirty was enough payment.
3) Watched Casablanca in my movie appreciation class. Good movie...classic.
4)Went to the gym after my night class got out around 8pm and there was not ONE machine open, it was so packed. So I cried and stormed out to my car, followed by going to jake's to eat 3 peices of pizza and play wii while cursing the fat people with stupid new years resolutions that mess up my workout plan. I can't wait until they all give up.
5) Was saluted by a passing bicyclist while driving home.
6) Orderded and received the 3rd book in the Twilight saga and received two copies with some other person's name on it. Rather than return the misplaced quantity to Barnes and Noble, I am going to start mailing pictures to this man whose address is on the mailing slip. Pictures of me reading BOTH copies of his book. I really dont know what I am going to do, but I am going to become pen pals with...Jonathan G. of Atlanta. ;)

That is all I will say because the rest of what happened this weekend is so truly invovled and awfully awful and dramatic to the core that it might melt you faces. And I am only being dramatic...but serious. woe.
"I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn't know." ~Mark Twain

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The Kopers said...

oh, so I read this the day you posted it, but I've been reading my blogs in google reader because it's easier - but you can't comment in there, so sometimes I forget to come over and comment just to let you know I read it and I'm glad your crazy week is over and I hope this week is better AND I want to know what other drama went on. I live in a life void of drama, which is good, but I still enjoy a good drama-filled story from my drama-filled sister every now and then. love you. (the word today is gypinst - I like it a lot!)