Thursday, January 1, 2009

my dance dance revolution resolution

Today is new years day. My last full day in the lone star state. And probably the last time I will come here for a while seeing as how next time I visit leah and steve it will probably be in arkansas. but i will be happy to go back to work, not so happy to go back to school. It has been so nice to visit here and spend time with the kids and everyone. Currently Leah and Steve are on a day date, lunch and an afternoon movie. Gabby is down for a nap and I just made steven a delicious lunch of brontasoarus-shaped cheese sandwich particles, teddy grams, chocolate kisses and some soda. Now we are watching Cinderella. He really finds this movie hilarious and is enjoying his lunch. He actually ate every single bit! I will fatten this little boy up, yet! He almost made it to new years last night, falling asleep about 45 minutes too soon. Hopefully he takes a little nap on the couch today during our movie. Here are some pics of the kiddies. More later.

Gabby and Daddy dancing to christmas music^

Reading "the night before christmas"^

Once I get the camera out, Gabby says "cheeeeese" with this very serious look on her face^

The kids love their rocking chairs^

Gabby playing airplane^

Steven and his piggy bank from aunt cara^

Goof ball sitting in her doll stroller^

Bird in the house^

steven's hello^

^glamourous gabby

Gee we were busy! Enjoy!

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