Sunday, November 28, 2010

Five-Day Weekend

From Wednesday until Sunday I had no school and only worked one shift Saturday night. In that time I did the following.

Wednesday I:
Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. This includes but is not limited to, stripping the bed, cleaning the kitty litter, sweeping and vacuuming the floors, running the dishwasher, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-ing the doors from Kyle's dirty handprints, scrubbing the tub, its tiles, sink and all house mirrors, and scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees using a pot of almost boiling water, pledge floor cleaner and a green scrubby.

Bathed the cat.

Did a minimal amount of homework because I got all of my major projects done last weekend so I could enjoy the holiday.

Got my hair cut again.

Baked 2 pinapple casseroles in preperations for my two Thanksgiving dinners (neither of which were eaten).

Made a brownie trifle (almost all of which got eaten).

Went to dinner with Kyle.

Saw a movie for free that sucked (Faster, some action film that Kyle's workout buddy invited us to).

Thursday I:

Went to Kyle's parents in Orlando at 9 to watch the parade.

Watched the whole parade with his sisters which was so much fun.

Helped in the kitchen, made the drop biscuits.

Ate at 1:00, left 30 minutes after and were slightly late for mom and dad's dinner, but still caught the tail end.

Played scategories with mom, grandma and neighbor glenna.

Cut coupons and planned black Friday.

Took picture for Christmas card.

Friday I:
Woke up at 2:30 to be at mom's by three. AM.

Shopped until 5 pm at Kohls, then Target, then a huge/awesome mall I'd never been to.

Ate Chik-fil-A, Subway, and Mexican as my 3 meals that day.

Learned how to Crochet while watching Garfield Christmas and The Grinch with mom and dad.

Discovered that the engine light had been on in my car because I had somehow driven off without my gas cap.

Got my windsheilf wipers replaced.

(I have to pause and say that I can't believe that after shopping for 14 hours and learning to crochet, I still was forced to go to Auto Zone and get diagnostics run on my car, buy a new gas cap and get my wipers replaced. I'm lucky my husband cares so much about my car's safety.)

Was asleep by 10

Saturday I:

Went to the flea market with Kyle.

Went to lunch at our favorite pizza place that reminds me of the place we went to in England as kids. (They use those dimply red plastic coke cups and have old arcade games in the back)

Saw a movie not that was good (Love and Other Drugs)

Went to work.

Went grocery shopping.

Sunday I:

Was late to church.

Did laundry while eating leftovers at mom and dad's.

Got a fourth row done on my scarf that I am crocheting.

Went out to eat with Kyle for the third time in one weekend (but all totalled it was technically my 6th time that weekend)--it was a new Mexican place and it was the best I have had since moving here.

Did homework.

Packed Kyle's lunch.

Went to bed.

This is what I have to say about weekends like this. They are wonderful. I did very little critical thinking--except when I was dominating scategories--and I was so tired every night that I was doing that weird laugh thing when your so tired you can't even groan and it comes out in bursts, like sleepy cackling. ?? The issue is that when you go back to the real world, you are so over all the writing and thinking you did the week before the holiday and you're so relaxed from the no-work holiday that you just want to take a nap every time you open the computer.

But here is a really funny knock knock joke I heard at work tonight and was hoping to use on Kyle when I got home but he is asleep. Alas, you will have to try it. Say the whole thing aloud:

me: Knock Knock
you: Who's there?
me: smell mupp
you: smell mupp who?


Please excuse this--I worked late tonight.

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Holly said...

Wow, you were busy! I'm glad you had a good weekend.
I had Jr do the knock-knock joke with me and I had a good laugh!