Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Instead of working on my finals, I'm doing this!

Here are my Christmas decorations. I came home tonight with every intention of doing some homework seeing as how classes end next week.

Nope. Santa can't wait that long.

Here are the Christmas village places that mom bought me. We have matching sets. From the left there is the Toy Shoppe, The (Southern Baptist) Church, The Court House, and a Blue House that belongs to the Judge/Pastor/ToyMaker of the town. His name is Santa.

Here are the twinkle lights around our massive window

Here is Thornton Santa. Mom bought him for us on Black Friday and said that he would be the santa that our kids will be excited about getting out each year. He's awesome. I don't think the kids will be as excited for Thornton Santa as we were for Sprite Santa.

And here's Sprite Santa in case you didn't know...

Here are our advent stockings. Kyle demands individually-wrapped twizzlers in his stockings so the search is on. *sigh*

Here is Marsh Santa. We had one like this when we were little and it disappeared so Grandma CC gave me hers. I love him the best.

Here is our nativity scene--Peanuts window pasties. I love how Woodstock is baby Jesus. So sweet.

Here are our stockings hung by the front door with care. With hopes that the tacks holding them up with do their job by keeping them there. (the stockings are filled with cotton)


Ali said...

I love your advent stockings and nativity scene. Too cute!

Holly said...

I love the village! And your peanut stockings on the advent calendar are so cute! Your home looks beautiful.