Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving day

It smells more like a hotel than a home. It's a mirror image of our old apartment. It's our new apartment.

This week started wrong. A year ago, our landlord said "if you guys need more than a year, we'll rent to you month-to-month after that." However, on Saturday we found out that he wants us out by March 1st so he can use the unit for business. We spent Saturday evening freaking out and by sunday found our option. Our landlord's brother had a unit two floors down and would rent to us for the five months we needed. So in order to give ourselves time to clean the old place before mid terms, we moved today. Kyle helped for an hour and a half between school and work but the rest of the time it was me taking a shopping cart up the elevator, filling it, bringing it down, emptying it, then making another trip. Tomorrow all I need to get is the Internet stuff, printer and dishes.

Today was the longest day I have had in a while, and in reflection, I would attribute that to the fact that I basically decided this morning that we would move today. I thought, "I will have the electricity turned on for Thursday and we'll move then." but when I called the electric company, the man said no one ever shut the electricity off. So, proactive me thought, "why wait?!"

Pros? Bigger fridge. Remember how the old one crapped out and the new one was doll-sized? Yeah we got the big daddy in this unit.
More pros? Remember the fussy newborn across the hall? The yippy dog next door and the party boys two doors down? No? Well we are one of four units occupied on this floor. All childless and old. Ah, the pros:)
The previous tenants left all their touch up paint and cleaning supplies and the windows and ac unit are properly sealed. Go team!

The cons? The cons. There is no rod in our closet to hang anything from. Oh wait, there is but it's a two feet long tension bar that wouldn't hold ten baby shirts. Also, Stoney is hiding.
It's a day that is so exhausting to the body that the mind can't catch up.
And it's over.


The Kopers said...

wow. congratulations on your first moving day. they are stressful - espcially when you're husband is not there to help the whole time - but they are kind of exciting.
I'm glad to hear about the fridge and quiet neighbors.
Can you take the closet rod out of the old closet and switch it out with the new one all sneaky-sneaky?

Sue Marsh said...

Moving is never ever fun... so much work. However, I always found at the end of the moving day I had a feeling of accomplishment. I am proud of you Boo. You do it all and make it appear easy.