Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Official

One weeek ago, Kyle joined the United States Army. It all happened so fast, that other than the fact that he talks incessently about the Army, it doesn't quite feel real yet. Today he drove 3 hours north to Georgia to get a free dental check-up from his step-grandpa who own his own practice up there, rather than pay $200 for a check up from the local dentist. Everything is in preparation for boot camp these days. I can't believe it's still 7 months away.

In a couple of weeks school will be over and we'll start summer classes. Kyle will finish his associates after taking biology and an elective and I will have my B.A. The living situation is giving me a headache lately. We lose our lease in August and Kyle doesn't leave until November. What to do? We're going to ask our landlord if he will extend the lease until the end of the year, then I will just stay with Mom and Dad until boot camp is over. But if the landlord says no, which I suspect he will, then we will be looking for a short-term option. "Live with your parents!" is what everyone tells me. But I feel that we would be imposing on their burdenless existence by sluffing all of out belongings in and invading their space, not to mention that Kyle and I aren't used to abiding by anyone's schedule except our own, and it's quite a strange schedule. We stay up late watching movies and eat dinner at 9 o'clock at night. I work until the wee hours of the morning on weekends and he wakes up at the wee hours of the morning all week. We would drive my early-to-bed-early-to-rise parents bananas. Eh, I give up for now.

It's official. Life is about to get difficult.

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The Kopers said...

Your military life will be full of moments like this - short term living, finding last minute places. Get used to it.
Don't stay with Mom and Dad until he leaves. You need your time alone together before he leaves. You need that feeling of being your own family to hang onto while you're apart. Most apartment complexes will give you a short term lease. It'll be a little pricery but it'll be worth it. You'll find something. I hope you plan to come for an extended stay when he's gone!