Monday, April 18, 2011


I like to blog every now and then for my own sake. To go back in time and read about a time where I felt like the mole hill before me was a mountain and realize that it really was a mole hill is, well, fun.

Today I had my last advising appointment. I read the three little words I have been working toward for four years. They were in type-writer font at the top of my degree audit and they were: "ALL REQUIREMENTS MET."

That means I have either taken, am taking, or have signed up to take everything I need to graduate. And it feels good. But not too good. Now is the time to panic. I have to put together two portfolios of the work I have done this semester. One nonfiction, one fiction. I have to create a "published" book from the short story that mom wrote, and I have to ace my Spanish final. Tonight I watched Tangled and got nothing done. So, I guess tomorrow is the time to panic!

But on a non-school note, we got our lease extended until November so there is no question as to where we will be living after August arrives. Even though things are changing all around me, I feel like I'm watching it all from the sidelines and haven't been swept up into the madness yet.

Here I come, madness.

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Laura said...

So exciting that you are almost done with school!!! And that you are now an army wife! You better believe I will be living vicariously through you as you go on your travels...or I'll just visit you : ).