Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Awesome day off

Today was awesome. It started with bible study then lunch by the beach. Then we went bike-riding around downtown Titusville. We got some awesome use out of my new camera!

Look what Kyle bought me :) hahaha

My handsome hubby on the dock :)

The day ended with swimming and dinner at McDonalds :)


Grampy said...

I love the pictures. You eating the Space center is hilarious! What a wonderful and romantic day you had. I love and miss you Boo. Daddy and I went to see Courageous, you and Kyle need to go it is an excellent movie. I wasn't looking forward to it thinking it would be elstinko (Spanglish for stinky) like the others but surprisingly enough it was good.

Grampy said...

Boo Grampy did not say it I did, you know Daddy does not know Spanglish anyways.