Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making a Texas Christmas Wreath

Since I have fallen in love with a Texan, I have wanted nothing more than to fill our home with things that remind me of him and his cultural roots, which I plan to give to my children one day. (the roots, that is).

So here is my Texas take on a Christmas wreath.

I started with a naked wreath. $4 at Christmas Tree Shops

Of course, I had to have a Texas star. $4 at Michaels. (It was actually made at a shop in Irving, Texas. So I felt good about my choice).

Next, I chose a rick-rack ribbon with an irridescent shimmer. This is to wrap around the wreath. $2 at Michaels.

As for the ribbon for the large bow at the base of the wreath, I selected a burlap ribbon with some awesome detail and texture to it. It's definately not your typical Christmas ribbon. $3.50 at Michaels.

The final touch was a set of jingle bells with a more brushed metal look to them. I didn't want the bright, shiny colors; rather, I found something more country. These were the most expensive item, but since I only used 12 on the wreath, I have eight left over, which I intend to hang on my tree with twine. $6 at Michaels.

The part that took me the longest was the large burlap ribbon. I had never done one before, so I YouTubed it. Here's a close-up of the wreath all finished.


The Kopers said...

That is freaking beautiful!

Holly said...

I love it!