Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have no central theme to this blog. Which is why I'll never make it as a blogger extrodinare.

~When mom and dad got stuck in Houston on their way back from Abilene, they had to stay in a hotel and this is mom's recount of the experience. "We had to sleep in a hotel and dad had to scrounge for food at Jack in the Box."
Our reply? Sounds like a vacation to me! Hotel room with real AC and those cute little soaps and JOTB for dinner? In Texas? I'm there!
We seriously went home and were like, "One day we'll be able to do something like that."

But alas, they were less thrilled about the idea.

Kyle once said to me, "Do you know why I whistle all the time rather than sing? I've never told anyone this. It's because I don't know the words." Pretty innocent, and I already knew he couldn't remember many lyrics so it came as no surprise. What did surprise me however, is that THIS song came on the radio the other day and Kyle new EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. Not so surprising considering the subject matter, but still. Every word. And he sang them with conviction. Typical of my husband.

My car was picked up from the shop today but we were told that it needs a new timing belt which is going to be between 400-700 dollars. There goes my possible Texas trip this summer. Stupid German engineering. Das Auto my behind!


The Kopers said...

The song cracked me up. I didn't know mom and dad got stuck in Houston - and I remember being exactly like you guys as far as the vacation thing goes. We were the same way for about 3 years. Hotels were things of dreams.
Stupid car.

The Kopers said...

Kyle is such a hardcore country boy! That sucks about your car:( We would have loved to see you this Summer!
I have to agree with Mom on JITB...scrounging for food is what you do there...GAG!