Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Moment

Saturday morning we slept in until ten. I made pancakes, sausage, eggs and cinnamon rolls and we watched a move, 8 seconds. (It's the true story of the champion bull rider of the world.) It was so nice to sit with Kyle and enjoy time not thinking about school, talking about money or worrying about the future. These moments are rare around here.

I know I am still learning to be a wife and I was reminded this weekend.

Kyle is a perfectionist and is super hard on himself when he doesn't get a concept right away or get the grade he wants. And I hate, hate, detest to see him down on himself because I know I am the same way with my own school-or I used to be.
Since we've been married, I am still the same student. I work hard, expect perfection from myself and hate criticism. But since being married, God has changed me into something better. I don't stress out about grades and beat myself up over every sore and score.
And I know that's because I am meant to support Kyle throught these times. I am so thankful for the strength to encourage him but I wish I had a little bit more. When he sighs and looks dejected and disappointed, I get so upset because I don't know how to react. I want to convince him that he is perfect but he doesn't believe me. It takes so much out of the both of us when he has a hard time on an assignment. I try to convince him that it's a small step in the big picture, but I could tell myself the same thing about this struggle.

All this to say, I cherish the moments of peace in our lives and thank God for the strength to get through the rough times. And I also thank God that this semester is flying by. My perfect husband needs a break.

This is Kyle and I out to his first lobster dinner with his dad and Mary. Just thought a blog is more fun with a picture.


sue anne marsh said...

Willy-K reminds me an awful lot like a perfectionist named Boo!!!Who reminds me of a perfectionist named David!!! Its genetics darn those genes. However; you are much more laid back now Boo!!!

The Kopers said...

Steve is going through similar grade-related struggles right now. I was trying to encourage him about it last night. All that matters is that he gives it his best - if his best is a B, then good. If he best is an A, then good. All that matters is that when it's over, he can walk away and know that he did the best he could. God will always honor that. And finding the right encouraging words for our husbands is often very hard. Sometimes they just need us to sit by them and be quiet. Sometimes it's all the encouragment they need to know just know we're next to them.

Mom's puncuation cracks me up.