Monday, October 18, 2010

Video of Apartment

Remeber when you saw our apartment for the first time on THIS post back in February? Well, here is the new and imporved Thornton household. So have at it!

Complete with a blooper reel!
Your viewing pleasure would be much-improved if you had smell-a-vision. Because it smells very homey up in here.


The Kopers said...

Thanks for posting it! It looks so pretty and homey!
I was SHOCKED when you picked Stoney up. Last time you posted pics of him, he was TINY. He's humungo!

What's for Dinner said...

Yay! I've finally seen your place! It's beautiful! I love you kitchen, and the bathroom looks so elegant! Kyle is a great videographer!

Sarah said...

So a few things
1. I love it
2. I have the same mirrors
3. I love how kyle plays along with you its so cute
4. Hes got mad video skills let me tell you!